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NameShort description
2AND2-Input AND Gate
2NAND2-Input NAND Gate
2NOR2-Input NOR Gate
2OR2-Input OR Gate
3NAND3-Input NAND Gate
3NOR3-Input NOR Gate
3OR3-Input OR Gate
6NAND6-Input NAND gate
Decoder 2x4Decoder 2x4 with enable input
D Flip-FlopNegative-Edge-Triggered D Flip-Flop
D LatchD Type Transparent Latch
D LatchD Type Transparent Latch
J-K Flip-FlopJ-K Flip-Flop
RSC Flip-FlopPositive edge triggering RS Flip-Flop
R-S Flip-FlopR-S Flip-Flop
Tri-state inverterTri-state inverter
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