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NameShort descriptionPackages
7400Quad 2-input NAND gateDIP-14
7401Quad 2-Input NAND gate with open-collector outputDIP-14
7402Quad 2-input NOR gateDIP-14
7403Quad 2-input NAND gate with open-collector outputDIP-14
7404Hex inverter gateDIP-14
7405Hex inverter gate with open-collector outputDIP-14
7406Hex inverter gate with open-collector outputDIP-14
7407Hex buffer gate with high voltage open-collector outputDIP-14
7408Quad 2-input AND gateDIP-14
7409Quad 2-input AND gate with open-collector outputDIP-14
7410Triple 3-input NAND gateDIP-14
7412Triple 3-input NAND gate with open-collector outputDIP-14
7413Dual 4-input NAND Schmitt triggersDIP-14
7414Hex Schmitt-Trigger InvertersDIP-14
7416Hex inverter gate with open-collector outputDIP-14
7417Hex buffer gate with open-collector outputDIP-14
7420Dual 4-input NAND gateDIP-14
7422Dual 4-input NAND gate with open-collector outputDIP-14
7423Dual 4-input NOR gates with strobeDIP-16
7425Dual 4-input NOR gates with strobeDIP-14
7426Quad 2-input NAND gate with hight-voltage open-collector outputsDIP-14
7427Triple 3-input NOR gateDIP-14
7428Quad 2-input NOR bufferDIP-14
7430Single 8-input NAND gateDIP-14
7432Quad 2-input OR gateDIP-14
7433Quad 2-input NOR buffer with open-collector outputDIP-14
7437Quad 2-input NAND buffersDIP-14
7438Quad 2-input NAND buffer with open-collector outputDIP-14
7439Quad 2-input positive NAND buffers with open collector outputsDIP-14
7440Dual 4-input NAND bufferDIP-14
7442BCD to decimal decoderDIP-16
74434-line to 10 lines excess-3 to decimal decoderDIP-16
74444-line to 10-line Gray code to decimal decoderDIP-16
7445BCD-to-decimal decoder/driverDIP-16
7446BCD to 7-segment decoder/driver with open collector outputsDIP-16
7447BCD to 7-segment decoder/driver with open-collector active-low outputsDIP-16
7448BCD to 7-segment decoder with internal pull-up resistorsDIP-16
7450Dual 2-wide 2-input AND-OR-INVERT gates (one gate expandable)DIP-14
74513-3-input AND-OR-Invert gate and 2-2-input AND-OR-Invert gateDIP-14
7453Expandable 4-wide AND-OR-INVERT gatesDIP-14
74542-2-2-2-input AND-OR-INVERT gateDIP-14
7460Dual 4-input expandersDIP-14
7470AND-gated J-K positive edge triggered flip-flop with preset and clearDIP-14
7472AND gated J-K master-slave flip-flop with asynchronous preset and clearDIP-14
7473Dual J-K flip-flops with clearDIP-14
7474Dual D-type positive-edge-triggered flip flops with preset and clearDIP-14
74754-bit bistable latch with complementary outputsDIP-16
7476Dual J-K flip-flop with preset and clearDIP-16
7480Gated full adderDIP-14
748116 bit random access memoryDIP-14
74822-bit binary full adderDIP-14
74834-bit binary full adders with fast carryDIP-16
74854-bit magnitude comparatorDIP-16
7486Quadruple 2-input exclusive-OR gatesDIP-14
7488Factory programmed 256-bit read-only memory (32 words by 8 bits)DIP-16
7490Decade counterDIP-14
74918-bit shift registerDIP-14
7492Divide-by-twelve counterDIP-14
74934-bit binary counterDIP-14
74944-bit shift registerDIP-16
74954-bit parallel-access shift registerDIP-14
74965-bit shift register with parallel-in and parallel-outDIP-16
7497Synchronous 6-bit binary rate multiplierDIP-16
74100Dual 4-bit bistable latchDIP-24
74104Gated J-K master-slave flip-flopsDIP-14
74105Gated J-K master-slave flip-flopsDIP-14
74107Dual J-K flip-flops with clearDIP-14
74109Dual J-K positive-edge-triggered flip-flop with preset and clearDIP-16
74110AND-gated J-K master-slave flip-flops with data lockoutDIP-14
74111Dual J-K master-slave flip-flops with data lockoutDIP-16
74116Dual 4-bit latch with clearDIP-24
74120Dual pulse synchronizers/driversDIP-16
74121Monostable multivibrator with Schmitt-trigger inputDIP-14
74122Retriggerable monostable multivibratorDIP-14
74123Dual retriggerable monostable multivibratorDIP-16
74125Quadruple bus buffers with 3-state outputsDIP-14
74126Quadruple bus buffers with 3-state outputsDIP-14
74128Quad 2-input NOR line driversDIP-14
74130Dual retriggerable monostable multivibratorDIP-16
74132Quadruple 2-input positive-NAND Schmitt triggersDIP-14
74136Quadruple 2-input Exclusive-OR gates with open collector outputsDIP-14
74141BCD to decimal decoder/driver for cold-cathode indicator / Nixie tubeDIP-16
74142Decade counter/latch/decoder/driver for Nixie tubesDIP-16
741434-bit decade counter, latch, decoder, seven-segment LED driverDIP-24
741444-bit decade counter, latch, decoder, seven-segment lamp driverDIP-24
74145BCD-to-decimal decoder/driverDIP-16
7414710-line to 4 line priority encoderDIP-16
741488-line to 3-line priority encoderDIP-16
7415016-line to 1-line data selector/multiplexerDIP-24
741518-line to 1-line data selector/multiplexerDIP-16
74153Dual 4-line to 1-line data selector/multiplexerDIP-16
741544-line to 16-line decoder/demultiplexerDIP-24
74155Dual 2-line to 4-line decoder/demultiplexerDIP-16
74156Dual 2-line to 4-line decoder/demultiplexer with open collector outputsDIP-16
74157Quadruple 2-line to 1-line data selector/multiplexerDIP-16
741594-line to 16-line decoder/demultiplexer with open collector outputsDIP-24
74160Synchronous 4-bit decade counter with asynchronous clearDIP-16
74161Synchronous 4-bit binary counter with asynchronous clearDIP-16
74162Synchronous 4-bit decade counter with synchronous clearDIP-16
74163Synchronous 4-bit binary counter with synchronous clearDIP-16
741648-bit parallel-out serial shift registerDIP-14
74165Parallel load 8-bit shift registerDIP-16
74166Parallel load 8-bit shift register with clearDIP-16
74167Synchronous decade rate multiplierDIP-16
741704-by-4 register file with open collector outputDIP-16
7417216-bit multiple-port register file with 3-state outputsDIP-24
741734-bit D-type register with 3-state outputsDIP-16
74174Hex D-type Flip-Flops with clearDIP-16
74175Quadruple D-type Flip-Flop with clearDIP-16
74176Presettable decade counter/latchDIP-14
74177Presettable binary counter/latchDIP-14
741784-bit parallel-access shift registerDIP-14
741794-bit parallel-access shift register with clearDIP-16
741809-bit odd/even parity generator/checkerDIP-14
74181Arithmetic logic units/function generatorDIP-24
74182Look-ahead carry generatorDIP-16
74184BCD-to-binary converterDIP-16
74185Binary to BCD converterDIP-16
74190Synchronous presettable up/down 4-bit decade counterDIP-16
74191Synchronous presettable up/down 4-bit binary counterDIP-16
74192Synchronous 4-bit up/down decade counter with dual clock and clearDIP-16
74193Synchronous 4-bit up/down binary counter with dual clock and clearDIP-16
741944-bit bidirectional universal shift registerDIP-16
741954-bit parallel-access shift registerDIP-16
74196Presettable 4-bit decade counter/latchDIP-14
74197Presettable 4-bit binary counter/latchDIP-14
741988-bit bidirectional universal shift registerDIP-24
741998-bit shift registerDIP-24
74221Dual monostable multivibrator with Schmitt-trigger inputDIP-16
74246BCD to seven-segment decoder/driverDIP-16
74247BCD to seven-segment decoder/driverDIP-16
74248BCD to seven-segment decoder/driverDIP-16
74249BCD to seven-segment decoder/driverDIP-16
74251Data selector/multiplexer with 3-state outputsDIP-16
742598-bit addressable latchDIP-16
74265Quadruple complementary-output elementsDIP-16
74273Octal D-type flip-flop with clearDIP-20
74276Quadruple J-K flip-flop with common preset and clearDIP-20
742784-bit cascadable priority registerDIP-14
74279Quadruple S-R latchesDIP-16
742834-bit binary full adder with fast carryDIP-16
742844-bit by 4 bit parallel binary multiplier (high order 4 bits of product)DIP-16
742854-bit by 4 bit parallel binary multiplier (low order 4 bits of product)DIP-16
742904-bit decade counterDIP-14
742934-bit binary counterDIP-14
74298Quadruple 2-input multiplexers with storageDIP-16
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